MiaoMiao 2 Reader for Freestyle Libre
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MiaoMiao 2 FreeStyle Libre Reader is a revolutionary libre transmitter designed to provide continuous glucose reporting automatically every 5 minutes to your Smartphone or Smartwatch.

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Available APPs: Tomato, xdrip+; Spike and Glimp only with Libre 1.

Holder size:
◾ For kids and teens, the wearable circumference is 13 cm-20 cm.
◾ For adult, the wearable circumference is 24 cm-40 cm.

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MiaoMiao 2 FreeStyle Libre Reader will automaticly monitor your glucose level every 5 minutes and send the data to your Smartphone or Smartwatch

MiaoMiao 2 Reader Convenience:

Slim & Compact

  • MiaoMiao 2 is designed for ultimate convenience of use. It’s size is almost identical to the size of your FreeStyle Libre sensor. Only 38 mm x 30 mm x 7.5 mm and weigh at just 6g. It is light, concealable and convenient to wear.

Automatic Reporting

  • There is no large, heavy external device required for your glucose readings. The MiaoMiao 2 FreeStyle Libre Reader is designed to automatically transmit your data.

Easy Application

  • MiaoMiao 2 comes with 80 double-sided strong adhesive stickers that attach the reader to your body. The stickers are skin-safe and strong enough for all day wear.

MiaoMiao 2 Reader Alarm

  • MiaoMiao 2 FreeStyle Libre Reader will trigger an alarm at the slightest sign of glucose irregularity caught by your FreeStyle Libre sensor. Any concern tracked by your sensor will send an alarm directly to your mobile device alarming you of any dangerous changes.

Technical Features


  • MiaoMiao 2 FreeStyle Libre Reader is completely waterproof and can be used while showering. It will simultaneously continue to provide glucose readers every 5 minutes safely. MiaoMiao 2 features revolutionary airtight sealing technology to protect the device from water.


  • MiaoMiao 2 features a powerful internal battery that lasts for 2 weeks with regular usage. More so, MiaoMiao 2 is completely re-chargeable for your convenience. Once every 2 weeks, place the device in charge using our provided charging cable.


  • MiaoMiao 2 is compatible with all major reporting applications (xDrip, Spike and Glimp). Works with iOS and Android. MiaoMiao 2 has 99.99% automatic accurate reporting.

Safety Features

Family Monitoring

  • MiaoMiao’s APP integrations allow for family members to log in to your desired application and monitor your data. Several family members can all monitor your data simultaneously.

Product Quality

  • MiaoMiao 2 is designed with the highest standard of product safety. We gurantee the quality and safety of all techonology featured in the MiaoMiao 2 reader.

Certified Trusted Technology

  • MiaoMiao 2 is certified by the EU commission of Radio Equipment Direct (RED). 100% safe in terms of health, safety and privacy in accordance to international standards.

In the Box

  • 1x MiaoMiao 2 FreeStyle Libre Reader
  • 1x MiaoMiao 2 Charging Cable
  • 80x MiaoMiao 2 Double-Sided Adhesive Tapes
  • 1x MiaoMiao 2 Holder

Additional information

Weight 0.088 kg
Dimensions 9.5 × 8.0 × 3.0 cm
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