MiaoMiao 2 + SmartWatch + Tomato or xDrip+

Slide 1 - TicWatch C2 & PRO

MM 2 & TicWatch C2+

MM 2 & TicWatch PRO 2020

What people with diabetes need is an easy out-of-the-box solution!

The best way to use a MiaoMiao 2 Reader is with a smartwatch that you keep constantly on your wrist. So, when you decide to go for a swim1 or an outdoor activity you do not need to worry about your phone being out-of-range, because you can keep your smartwatch on you at all times.

When an alarm is triggered for low or high BG readings there will be a vibration or/and ringing2. You can also exchange BG readings over Wi-Fi or 4G.2

Disconnecting and reconnecting problems and Bluetooth issues as they sometime happen with different smartphones are minimised. And, besides, you don’t have to take care of 2 devices and 2 batteries for the same »thing«.

Smartwatch for use with Android smartphones for installation and occasional calibration.

1 in shallow waters (you should not submerge your watch bellow 1,2m of water)
2 depends on model